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Carrara : The Marble Excursion


  • Private car and Driver
  • Private Guide
  • Special off road 4x4 Vehicles
Whoever visits Carrara marble basins remains astonished by the winding and steep roads which winds up to highest peaks. To see from a distance trucks which incessantly challenge technical and human limits, make us rise the wish to try the same thrill. Thanks to special off road 4×4 vehicles and to highly skilled drivers, your private tourist guide will take you up to 900 mt. altitude, in a unique and magnificent scenery, where extremely detailed information about both ancient and modern methods of marble extraction, will be given. A short break at an antique unique food, the “lardo di Colonnata”, the only one of its kind in the world. In fact, Colonnata is famous worldwide for its white bacon which once was the rough food of quarrymen who cut it in thin slices and ate it with simple bread and tomatoes. This typical product of Colonnata is still made like 1000 years ago, out of the fatty back of the pork cleared of
the fattest part.
The special marble basins where the lardo is kept are first rubbed vigorously with garlic and spices; then the rectangular bacon fat blocks are placed in the basins and each layer is flavored with sea salt, freshly ground pepper, peeled garlic, rosemary and sage as well as cinnamon, coriander, clove, anise and marjoram. You can enjoy a free tasting of it. Once refreshed, we decide to dare more upward travelling up,
up to more than 1200 mt. altitude where, in front of an amazing panoramic view, it’s not difficult to meet angels. Strong emotions and 2000 years of history and culture.