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Discover the Siena Palio

July 2nd & August 16th

The Palio resembles the culture and traditions of the Sienese people. It has ancient origins with some regulations still valid since 1644. The city’s territory is divided into seventeen districts with boundaries established in 1729 by the Proclamation of Violante of Bavaria, the city government. Each Contrada is a small state within Siena and the rivalry between the different small quarters comes to live twice a year.  In this race the jockeys get to ride horses that are not entirely tamed without a saddle. The race has only one rule, the first horse to cross the line is the winner, even without its jockey. Weather you will happen to be in the area by chance in these dates or you are planning specifically to see the palio we can provide you with tickets, guides and vehicles at disposal to make the most of this experience.
The experience includes:
Palio tickets.
Mercedes type vehicle
Guide in Siena.

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